Parents & Families

Building Skills with ABA

Learn about ABA strategies to support building skills during this 6-session workshop. Topics covered include:

Triple P Stepping Stones

If you're having significant problems with your child’s behaviour or you simply want to know how to encourage your child’s development and potential, Stepping Stones is for you.  Join us for 6 group sessions and 3 individual sessions to learn strategies, gain some ideas and grow your positive parenting toolbox. 

Topics include; 

Best for parents/caregivers with children 2-10 years old.

Talking With Your Kids About Sexuality Workshop

Talking with your young and grown children about sexuality can be a difficult task. As parents and guardians, we often worry whether talking about it gives permission and whether they can be safe from harm when they are in relationships. This workshop will help you become more comfortable discussing the topic by covering what topics to cover when and the most effective ways to talk about this sensitive topic.  Through the workshop participants will:

Healthy Routines

This 45-60 minute presentation discusses the use of routines & schedules within a family. This is an entry-level presentation for families just beginning with routines & schedules. Topics covered include;

*Includes 30 minutes after the presentation to allow participants to create a schedule to take home


Sibshops is a program designed for brothers & sisters of someone with an intellectual disability,  developmental disability, mental health concerns.  Sibshops is not therapy, but rather a venue for sibs to have fun, laugh, talk about the good and not-so-good parts, play some great games, learn something about the services/diagnosis of their brothers or sisters, and have some more fun.

Sibshops are offered for those 8-13, with opportunities for 13-17 to join as a junior facilitator.

Registration/Inquiry Process

1) Complete the intake form or book a free virtual meeting.

2) Watch your email for a reply; this will happen within two business days.

3) Groups will be scheduled based on interest.